• NovaTech 550W V2 Non-Modular PSU

ATX Power Supply. 550W, Unrated, Non-Modular, 1 Year Warranty 

Don`t let the price-tag fool you. This is a very fine power supply [Quiet and Reliable]. There is a lot to be said about PSUs and for most people having a good one, which they never have to worry about, is pretty much the deal. There are two main types 1] Non-Modular, which this one is and 2] Modular or Semi-Modular. What`s all that about? In doesn`t affect the PSU as such, but most PSUs come with quite a lot of connectors, which you probably don`t need in your box. After all they just impede air flow and gather dust. 

So the general consensus among System Builders is to have `less is more`, i.e. if you don`t need a connector then remove it. Naturally we agree, but this feature is not really going to operationally affect your PC and it`s a just a convenient plus rather than a technical upside. 

If you really want to make a big investment here then you should be looking at the higher end units; they have features which afford other technical benefits and not just ripping out unwanted cables. 

Given that the PSU is probably the most likely element in your PC to ever fail, having a spare one to hand is a pretty good idea and quite honestly having one installed and one in the bottom draw is complete peace of mind. If you get a bad power surge in your building [not your fault] then having one of these babies tucked away could really save you a lot of trouble.

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Non Modular

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NovaTech 550W V2 Non-Modular PSU

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