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Assuming you love our enclosure and a power supply unit of your choice, then your next possible step is to choose a main system board [motherboard], a CPU, some RAM and a hard disk drive. If you're a Gamer then you may wish to choose a fab Gaming Card, but before you open up your wallet, you might want to see if the on-board graphics works for you. Our standard boards come with HD Extreme Graphics which are supported by most platforms, but please review the Gaming Cards if this is your thing. As a business/home user the on-board graphics are MORE than enough and will support very hi-resolution monitors.

Any options you choose will be fitted as standard and naturally enough if you choose a ready-to-go system then frankly, you'll never need to open the box [unless you wish to admire the engineering].

All of our enclosures when supplied with ready-to-go hardware are Operating System FREE, so it's your decision what you want to install, be it Windows, Linux or a MAC OS. However, for a very small fee, if you want a pre-registered system, e.g. a Windows 10 Server with XAMAPP [web-server] then please just say so and we'll happily install all and any licensed software.

Please note that we will only install FREE or trial software subject to you buying a future license.

All bespoke systems come as standard with a 16Gb Bootable memory stick of your choice and this has various OS options available for you to experiment with and this is a good thing, but when you decide or plum for a particular platform then the vendor will ask you to purchase a full copy of their product - normally within 30 days. Please respect this and the benefits of having a real and true copy far outweigh the hassle of hacked-versions which rarely offer secure updates.

Operating systems such as Linux, which are clearly Open Source, are always supported and any OS of your choice will or should work. Think of this as an unlocked computer and your call [entirely] as to how you use it now or in the future. If you are a MAC User then please read the APPLE page on this web site.