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Altari Systems Limited is a direct importer and UK Distributor of high-end designer PC/MAC Ready cases [or enclosures]. These are the type of cases you might have come to expect with Audiophile Hi-Fi and whether you're looking for that designer look or just want the best on the market, you're at the right place. Likewise, if you're a Gamer and want a super-cool box [literally] for your state of the art gaming PC then please use this site as a go-to, even if you don't buy our stuff.

So what's so special about our systems ? Naturally, as a case-enclosure company, we would say it's all about the box and the power supply. Most systems these days can afford the best hardware in the box and we offer this to***, but it's our box and PSU which will make your PC/MAC/Game System rather special. Furthermore, it won't fall over and in today's world of 24/7 everything, you want something which isn't going to fail. That's an engineering view; the Designers would just say it looks stunning and that can be pretty vital as well.

The majority of our customers or clients are Office Design Companies, who appreciate that having a stunning PC/MAC computer on the desk enriches the whole experience. Of course, we agree, but there is no reason why YOU can't have this in your home [home office] or upgrade your work-office to these enclosures to frankly impress. The footprint [or box size] of our systems is pretty tight and will fit on any desktop as much as a laptop would; show off your stuff and be proud.

Perhaps the obvious question is: I'm not technical enough to build my own PC. Nor would we expect you to and while we are a trade-seller, we are more than happy to simply configure a ready-to-go or out-of-the box solution. As a private user, you're not really going to need much from us [one PC assumed], but maybe as a company with a few PC/MACs all linked together then perhaps a local computer person would be a good idea. This web-site has lots of order-options and we've tried to make it as simple as possible, so that you can choose really good, [and stress again simple], ready-to-go boxes.

If you are a Techie and want something to your exact standards, then just eMail us and we'll make it happen. We are completely hardware agnostic bar our enclosures and PSUs.

And the kicker is....You're buying directly from the UK agent of a Japanese Manufacturing Co. No middle-men or shops. Buy top-shelf products at importer/agent prices.

*** we are not agents/distributors for motherboards/RAM/CPUs etc., but we are more than happy to install and ship installed hardware in our enclosures. This is actually about 60% of our business. Feel free to choose any of your own stuff. We do have budget options, so it's quite possible to build an amazing PC/MAC when funds are tight; please check out these options before you try and save money.